Our Purpose

Furrydelphia exists to unite the members of the furry fandom in an annual weekend-long convention. We strive to achieve the following goals:

  • To promote a positive image of the furry fandom within the public eye.
  • To encourage the sharing of artwork and ideas, the participation in panels and skill-building session, and the creation of new connections and memories for members of and all those interested in the fandom.
  • To host a local charitable organization, with the intention of raising funds and awareness for that organization.

Furrydelphia is a NON-PROFIT event and organization. NONE of our earnings will ever be given to any individuals for personal profit. We are all in this to benefit the community, not ourselves.

Our Staff

Furrydelphia is organized by some of the most driven, committed, and hard-working furries in the tri-state area. Our top priority is ensuring the safety, comfort, and fun for our attendees in our convention space. Here are some of our most senior staff members:

  • is our convention chairman. He has over five years of professional experience organizing and operating special events, from small parties and weddings to fundraisers and block parties.
  • is our vice chairman and secretary. He has work backgrounds in both customer service and private security and will assist with convention operations.
  • is our public safety director. He has been an EMT for the state of New Jersey for over six years and is the director of Fandom First Aid, a non-profit furry convention safety and medical group operating in the northeast area for conventions like Furpocalypse.
  • is our resident web developer and software engineer. He has his bachelor of science in Computer Science and has participated in countless national and international coding competitions, hackathons, etc. Powered by coffee, he has developed our website, registration software, and more.

Our Business

Our convention is owned and operated by Furrydelphia, Inc. We are currently organized as a 501c3 charity group, though we are in the process of switching to a 501c7 social group as the c7 structure seems to better fit our purpose. The switching process takes time, so please bear with us if you have any legal questions.